Upcoming Events

Upcoming events

    • 19 Feb 2019
    • 22 Feb 2019

    Positive Resilience and the Future of ED(C)

    The Educational Developers Caucus (EDC) was founded as a community of practice with a focus on leadership, advancement, discussion and collaboration in the field of educational development. This year, EDC will explore a new experience for our annual conference, using an online format to encourage novel ways of sharing, increase access, and enable international connections. This virtual adventure will help to inform and supplement future conferences, including embedding lessons learned when we join in person at Dalhousie University in February 2020.

    As the nature of our work, our administrators and our commitment to our own development constantly evolves, it is important to develop positive resiliency skills. McAlpine and Akerlind (2010) investigated academic practice to define how academics ‘think, interact, enact, and engage’ (p. 3). Through the lens of positivity, we ask you to think about how educational developers’ think, interact, enact, and engage with their practice and how EDC can (or should) facilitate this. We also ask you to think about educational development in general, and more specifically how we can support ourselves and others in an increasingly busy and complex world.

    This year, the conference will be held entirely online via a web-conferencing software from February 19-22, 2019. Please complete the following form to register for the 2019 EDC Conference. Note: the email that you include will be used for all future communications about the conference, including updates and login information.

    If you are registering as a Group, please have the list of members ready before registering. Groups will be provided with a single login to share. It is strongly recommended that Groups do not exceed 5 members.

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